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Zapaygo allows you to order ahead at coffee shops, food outlets, restaurants, bars, events spaces, stadiums and many other venues. Helping users and businesses reduce the time wasted in lines, and in so doing enhancing the service experience for everyone.



Minutes spent waiting

Each day most people wait in line to order morning coffee, lunchtime meals and drinks after work. In total some 30 minutes a day wasted. That is 8,400 minutes a year, or almost 19 working days, which is almost a working month.



Potential increase in revenues

Venues could experience increased sales of up to 30% with the ease of ordering afforded to uses by the app.



Time saved taking orders

Venues save around 40% of the time usually taken to receive orders and payments.

How it works

Order ahead & skip the line at your favourite places.


Choose where to order from.


Order / re-order your favourites


Payment confirms your order.


Status and history easy to see.


  • Increase speed of serve by 40%

  • Increase revenues

  • Upsell with minimal effort

  • Consumer purchasing insight

  • Promote loyalty and repeat usage


  • No more waiting in line

  • No waiting for the bill

  • Secure payment within the app

  • Spend more time socialising

  • Earn rewards & loyalty points


An exclusive loyalty and rewards membership platform, built on blockchain technology.

Zapaygo is creating the exclusive RewardZ MarketPlace, an exciting ecosystem where consumers, venues and brands can interact to share benefits, reward loyalty and offer discounts and promotions to create value in a truly sustainable way.

Built on block chain technology the RewardZ MarketPlace will provide consumers and venues with the loyalty and utility enjoyed by other users of global brands.


Priority entry and dedicated Zapaygo customer facilities in participating venues.


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