Consumers, Venues, Brands. All winners.

Increase revenues and efficiency. Capture data to improve your business.


Benefits to businesses include:

Zapaygo’s application allows businesses to take pre-orders to be served, collected or delivered and also allows for instant payments.

  • Reduce queues and serve customers quicker. Up to 40% serve -time savings.

  • Increase revenues thanks to ease of ordering & efficiency of service.

  • Allow cashless payments without any change to current infrastructure.

  • No cash, no cards so less cash to be handled on site.

  • Capture key data about customers and their spending habits.

  • Various up-selling opportunities – multiple purchase/offers etc.

  • Targeted messages at “sweet spot” times of the day / last hour activity / post purchase.

  • Reward customer loyalty with deals / discounts / promotions.

  • Visibility on potential customers / conversion via deals/vouchers.

  • Targeted brand / product placement within the App.


Order ahead to skip the line, get served when you want and earn rewards.

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Key benefits for consumers:

Zapaygo’s application allows users to pre-order and pre-pay for any service or product, including food & beverage to be collected or delivered and also allowing instant payments.

  • Zapaygo is a free Smart Phone application.

  • Zapaygo places an ordering and payment terminal in the hands of every customer.

  • Zapaygo allows all kinds of venues, wholesale/retail environments and service providers to take cashless payments with no infrastructure changes.

  • Zapaygo provides a media platform for businesses and brands to communicate with their consumers.

  • Zapaygo enables brands and retailers to reward loyalty and receive a greater depth of consumer purchasing habits and patterns.

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